As a client you always deal with a senior member of our firm. There is no junior whom responsibility will be transferred to. There is no decreased accountability, and no “hand-off” to a less- informed colleague. We work with you to make informative decisions.


There are economies to using a specialist firm such as ours, as we base our fees on your requirement and not on predetermined rates or firm budgets. We are not slaves to timesheets.


We engage experienced, top tier trained experts and will resource your matter with the right people to achieve your desired outcome. We don’t hire people to ‘get the coffee’.


Because we handle fewer concurrent projects than larger firms, our attention is undiverted. You don’t have to “compete” with or be conflicted by another hundred or so clients. We structure our work so that you receive maximum attention.


We can respond to requests when you need us. You needn’t worry about bureaucracy, delays, and unfamiliar people. We can work to your time frames and as part of your team.


We work closely with out clients and develop a deep understanding or their needs. We listen and learn about your strategic needs and concerns. We deliver based on what is important to you. Consistently.